Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Gallery - Floral Print Shoes

I'm back to my floral obsession...and now it's with shoes! Floral print has hit the fashion circuit big time, and it's not only with clothing, it's splashed all over shoes too! Here are some beautiful shoes and a little inspiration on how to wear them!

{all images via Pinterest and Polyvore}

Floral Shoes

Have a great weekend!
XO, Amy

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Friday Gallery on Sunday

I know it's Sunday and I missed the posting for Friday's Gallery...but in my defence, it was due to a reno project that has completely taken over my life. Over the last week, I decided to give my family's optical store a little facelift and a much needed update while my parents are away on vacation so that they have a nice little surprise when they get back. I've been painting, rearranging and redecorating until the cows come home and my whole body is so sore from all the physical labour I can barely life my arms, let alone type! So please excuse the late posting.

What I did discover through my little project and foray into the fashion world of eyewear recently, is a surge of interest in retro-looking and vintage frames. Perhaps it's the whole Mad Men frenzy, or perhaps like all fashion, trends are cyclical and everything new is also old.

Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised at the boxes of vintage frames I found, already labelled and ready for disposal. It took me a while to convince the staff that those frames aren't useless, but are actually "in style" again and much in demand!

If you are in the Toronto area on Wednesday April 11, 2012 at 12:30 pm, please come by Superb Optical, 398 Ferrier Street, Suite 100 for the big reveal and our "Grand Re-Opening". If not, please visit my personal blog La Belle Melange later this week to see pictures and my post on the revamped optical store and how I decorated.

If you're not on the vintage bandwagon yet, perhaps these images might give you a little push....

[all images via Pinterest and Polyvore]

Retro Eyewear

Tom Ford Nikita in Black

Prada Eyewear Campaign 2012

Tom Ford Eyewear Campaign 2011

Valentino Cat Eye Sunglasses

Anna Wintour in Vintage Chanel

What are your thoughts on vintage eyewear?
XO, Amy

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pashmina...The Pocket Closet Staple

The one staple item I believe every wardrobe (capsule or not) should have is a pashmina. This is an extremely versatile piece that can be worn and used in many different ways. I recommend buying a quality pashmina that will last you forever in an ample size, usually 28" x 80", which will allow you to wear as a scarf or a shawl. The Pashmina Store online offers a huge selection of authentic pashminas in a myriad of colours and sizes.

In the winter, a pashmina can be used as a scarf - twist the pashmina lengthwise to get a nice draping effect and wrap it around your neck several times for maximum warmth!

{Image via Pinterest}
Pashminas can be used as a light cover up in the summer time, thrown lightly around the shoulders or as a shawl. 

{Image via The Pashmina Store}
The pashmina is also a staple in my suitcase for travel - regardless of whether it is cold weather travel or warm weather travel. It always comes in handy when I need an extra sweater or to change up the look of an outfit (it's the key accessory to packing light!!!). I even use it as a blanket when it gets too chilly on the airplane - wouldn't you rather use your own pashmina as a blanket rather than the ones handed out on the airplane? Who knows how clean those are! I have even used my pashmina as a sarong to cover up pool side!

Here is some inspiration on how to wear your pashmina:
{Image via Pinterest}
How do you wear your pashmina? Please share your creative ideas with me!

XO, Amy