Saturday, July 28, 2012

Multiple Destination Getaway

This post is for a friend of mine who asked if it was possible to pack with carry-on only for a multiple destination trip that includes different climates. An example itinerary would be Toronto - Vancouver - Taipei - Bali in late fall or early winter. The purpose of the trip would be for leisure as well as business, and perhaps a destination wedding in Bali. The climates here range from the frosty Canadian temperatures to the tropical climate of Bali, and Taipei sits somewhere in between as it can cool down at night. I always love a packing challenge and after some deliberation, here is my advice:

  • Wear the heaviest and bulkiest clothing onto the airplane 
  • Pack items that can multitask in different climates such as leggings that would go easy with boots in cold weather, and just as easily fit in tropical climes with a pair of flip flops
  • Similarly, pack versatile items that are easy to layer under sweaters for colder climates, and wear alone in warmer climates
  • Each item of clothing you pack must be multi-purpose and be worked into various styles and different outfits
  • Bring shoes that pack flat and don't take up much space. For example, flip flops, strappy sandals, converse (or pumas) and stiletto pumps take up much less space than platforms, wedges and full size running shoes
  • For a shorter trip, I would suggest sticking to one colour palette, however, since this is a three-legged trip, I have two distinct colour palettes
  • Roll knits, jersey materials and other clothing that does not wrinkle easily to maximize space
  • Lay pants, jeans and other bulkier items flat
  • For special occasion outfits or other clothing that tends to wrinkle, pack flat on the bottom of the suitcase in a plastic dry cleaning bag with tissue paper between each layer of clothing
  • Maximize your packing potential with a large and lightweight bag such as a large size Longchamp Le Pliage, or a LeSportSac bag that will be your "personal item"
  • For your main carry-on, use a suitcase with the maximum dimensions allowable by your airline
  • Pack all heavy items such as shoes, clothing and any extra purses in the main carry-on
  • Use the Le Pliage or LeSportSac bag to pack electronic gadgets, toiletries, accessories and other small items. This will also double as your purse and in-flight bag for the flight
  • Once you finish packing, if you intend to shop, make sure you have about 1/4 or 1/3 of space remaining in your suitcase. If you have overfilled your suitcase, re-edit and take out items that you feel are repetitive, or does not have maximum multitasking potential
Since this multiple destination trip includes tropical climates, it is easier to pack in more items of clothing as summer clothing and swimwear are relatively small and lightweight. 

Here is a travel capsule that should easily fit into one carry-on:

{all images via Polyvore}

Multiple Destination Travel Capsule

Here are some examples of how to work these articles of clothing into different looks for different purposes. The possibilities are endless, and many combinations are not shown. What other combinations do you see and what looks would you create from these items?

Airplane Outfits

3 Day Stay in Vancouver

3 Day Stay in Taipei

3 Day Stay in Bali

I hope you liked this entry and it helps you to travel light with carry-on only! I would love to hear your feedback so please don't be shy and drop me a line!


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