Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Gallery - Eyewear Trends 2012

Summer is the time for some of the hottest eyewear, and most companies target the launch of their top sunglasses for these scorching months. Not only are sunglasses a great accessory, they are essential for the protection of your eye health. As the UV rays have gotten stronger over the years, it becomes increasingly important to protect your eyes during lengthly sun exposure, such as a day at the beach, or any other summer outdoor activities. Increased sun exposure, especially during the summer months when UV rays are at their strongest can cause damage to the eye resulting in cataracts and other growths on the eye such as pinguecula and pterygium (if you didn't already know, my family is in the eye care business!) When choosing sunglasses, make sure to check that they have UV 400 protection. In addition to this, polarized lenses are great for cutting out horizontal glare, which is what you would get from the surface of a car or body of water.

The most recent trends seem to all lean towards retro. Mad Men style is where it's at! I've been seeing mostly heavy plastic frames with squared bridges or prominent cat eyes. Aviator style frames are also still in style, be it in plastic, metal or a combination of both. Frames continue to be large, and are often seen with exaggerated roundness or sqaureness. Classic Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn style frames continue to influence the Tiffany line, while more avant-garde looks can be seen with Tom Ford and Gucci. Ray Ban Wayfarers and Clubmasters continue to dominate eyewear trends in classic black and a myriad of candy colours and styles as "geek chic" still reins supreme!

Take a look at these pictures and get inspired!

{all images via Pinterest}

Gucci 2012
YSL 2012
Dior 2012
Tom Ford 2012
Prada 2012
Bvlgari 2012
Beyonce in Ray Ban Clubmaster
Tom Ford 2012
Angelina Jolie in Tom Ford
Chanel 2011/2012

I hope you enjoyed this post and learned a thing or two about taking care of your eyes! Please leave me with some feedback or send me a line if you have any eye care related questions!


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